Ron Frank Motivational Speaker and Designated Hitter for the Corporate League  

Ron Frank - Motivational Speaker - will show you how to Step Up To The Plate!

Times are tense, business is tough, and decisions need to be made.  The economy is throwing curve balls and zingers at you left and right.  It feels like it's the bottom of the ninth, two out, and you've got two strikes against you.  This is not the time to just sit back and take a pitch!  It's time to step up to the plate.  To achieve the success you deserve you have to step into the batters' box and swing that bat!  Feeling a bit nervous?  Fear not... Ron Frank is here to show you how to knock your difficulties clean out of the ballpark!

Ron Frank played baseball from his childhood through college and then some.  The lessons he learned from baseball far exceeded learning how to keep your eye on the ball.  He learned the life 

Ron Frank Motivational Speaker will show you how to Step Up To The Plate!

skills necessary to achieve success in any situation.  These skills have taken him from serving as an assistant for a U.S. Senator, then on to V.P. of a national trade association, and in 1975 he became partner in one of the world's largest consulting firms.  For the past two decades, Ron has owned and operated his own businesses and is known for his success in providing business solutions to corporations.  And now, with a passion, he's sharing his amazing winning skills with audiences across the nation.

With Ron Frank, you'll discover the secrets to identifying problems quickly, and stopping them before they get out of control.  You'll learn to react in a positive fashion, as well as decisively, to whatever the world throws at you.  You've got to be willing to come out of the dugout and get fully in the game.  You'll find you can confidently step from the on deck circle and up to the plate where success is but a swing away.  If it seems your career belongs on "Baseball's Greatest Bloopers" rather than in the World Series, you need the skills you'll gain from Ron's message!  The crack of the bat never sounded so sweet as when you're the one swinging away.  Are you ready to hit that grand slam?  Step on up to the plate!  Ron Frank will show you how!


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