Ron Frank Motivational Speaker and Designated Hitter for the Corporate League  
Ron Frank Motivational Speaker and Designated Hitter for the Corporate League

A summer afternoon at the ballpark.  The smell of hotdogs fills the air.  Vendors march up and down the stadium bleachers barking Peeeeenuts! Paaaaaaapcorn!  Craaaaaacker Jacks!  The organ plays its familiar rallying cry:

da da da DA da DAAAAH.......

Ron Frank is the Motivational Speaker and Designated Hitter for the Corporate League!

The pitcher leans over, his right hand resting on his back, slowly spinning the baseball with his fingers.  Feeling the stitches, he settles on a grip and nods to the catcher.  He straightens up and checks the bases, holding his hands together as if in prayer.  His focus narrows on the strike zone, he takes a deep breath, rares back and fires a zinger.  The batter lets loose a mighty swing and there's the CRACK! of the bat.  The roar of the crowd engulfs the stadium!  Homers... Dingers... Grand Slams!  SUCCESS!

Ron Frank has been there and done that.  He has played in thousands of games, from little league to the big leagues.  After college, he chose not to play pro baseball, opting instead for a rewarding career on the corporate field of play.  For the past two decades Ron has owned and operated his own businesses and is known for his success in providing business solutions to corporate entities.  It was the life lessons he experienced with baseball that enabled him to step up to the plate and hit home run after home run throughout his professional career.

And now, Ron Frank is passionately sharing his skills and positive attitude with groups and corporations who are ready to win.  Audiences hang on his every word as he reveals the secrets to success he has discovered through baseball.

The best part is, there's no need to throw spit balls or use a corked bat!  No matter how tough the situation, the skills Ron Frank shares will put you over the top, the right way.  Choose to win!  Learn to excel!  Step up to the plate and listen as Ron Frank motivates and inspires you to achieve your grand slam success!


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