Ron Frank Motivational Speaker and Designated Hitter for the Corporate League  
Let's Get Frank Here!

Ron Frank, an incredibly successful businessman, gives much credit for his success to a tiny round object, just under 3 inches across, and covered with 216 stitches--a baseball.  He has played in thousands of games from the little league to big league, and he scored big in business using lessons he learned from baseball.

He learned that you can't score the winning run if you don't step up to the plate.  He learned that it takes practice, determination, and courage to succeed.  And succeed he did.

Ron played baseball all his life through college, but declined the big league offers in favor of beginning his corporate career.  After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, he served as

Ron Frank Motivational Speaker and Designated Hitter for the Corporate League!

a Legislative Advisor and Speech Writer for a U.S. Senator, then accepted a position as Vice President for a national trade association in Washington, D.C.  Continuing on up the ladder of success, Ron became a partner in one of the world's largest consulting firms.  For the past two decades, Ron has owned and operated his own business and is known for his success in providing business solutions to corporations.  And today, he's taking his success expertise on the road. 

Through Ron's soul-stirring, memorable stories, he inspires people to reach their utmost potential.  So get ready for your success to soar like a Sammy Sosa homer!  Ron Frank is going to show you how to step up to the plate and hit it out of the park!


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