Ron Frank Motivational Speakers and Designated Hitter for the Corporate League!

Stepping Up To The Plate
Ron Frank played baseball from his childhood through college and then some.  The lessons he learned from baseball far exceeded learning how to keep your eye on the ball.  He learned the life skills necessary to achieve success in any situation.  And now, with a passion, he's sharing his amazing winning skills with audiences across the nation.

If it seems your career belongs on "Baseball's Greatest Bloopers" rather than in the World Series, you need the skills you'll gain from Ron's message!  The crack of the bat never sounded so sweet as when you're the one swinging away.  Are you ready to hit that grand slam?  Step on up to the plate!  Ron Frank will show you how!  Ron Frank is here to show you how to knock your difficulties clean out of the ballpark!
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Ron Frank Motivational Speaker and Designated Hitter for the Corporate League!

Frank Talk - A Series on Life Issues
Frank Talk on Leadership:

Corporate America is turning back the clock... It's time to turn our focus back to what once made our Corporations strong... Major League Management.  Principle-centered leadership based on values such as respect, competence and compassion.

Frank Talk on the Power of the iota:
Why are some people "Star Performers" while others sit on the sidelines "Wishing Upon a Star?"  One iota does make a difference...  In this performance, Ron reveals the amazing secret of the "iota" and how to harness it's power.

Frank Talk on Success:
Don't let fears keep you from climbing the corporate ladder.  Learn to overcome all obstacles--especially those YOU place before yourself--and advance your career.  Experience success as you have never before dreamed.  Learn how to Step Up to the Plate.


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